By adam
2014-10-17 07:40
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #174

In episode 174, we look at a new way to display administrative messages. In other words, absolute messages is a module that changes how status, error and warning messages are displayed. For the most part, this is a nominal improvement, but does allow for hiding and showing of messages.

By shane
2011-03-15 08:26

As mentioned in a previous post, here is a quick shortened and simplified example that is similar to the code I used on a past Drupal site to create a message template. This example uses the messaging modules hook_messaging, it also declares a few token values that are passed through to the template.

By shane
2011-03-11 23:40

Recently I created the website that gives users an automated way to periodically check their websites to make sure they are still up and running. If the website is down or returns any type of error code, then it will send either an email or SMS notification to the user.

Up until this point I had never set up SMS notifications or SMS messaging on Drupal so here is some information on how I got it to work.

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