More control over your Drupal Admin menu with Administration Menu Source

By shane
Fri, 2015-05-01 06:18
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #205

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Sometimes you have a situations where your normal Drupal administration menu just won’t cut it. Maybe you have someone that needs to perform some administrative tasks on your site such as managing content and comments, or perhaps something more complex such as managing the Drupal blocks. This person might be a technical wizard, but there is also a good chance that they might not be. In fact, they might be the person in the office that calls you when their “computer is broke”.

If this is the case, then the Administration Menu Source module might be your saving grace. This module works with the Admin Menu module to allow you to specific different menus for the different user roles of your website. This makes it really easy to fine tune the usability of your site’s administration navigation to cater to specific types of users.

If you have multiple types of administrative roles that perform admin or managerial tasks on your Drupal site, go ahead and give this module a try. It’s easy to set up and will make things a little easier to find for everybody involved.

Note: Make sure to give the correct roles the "Access administration menu" permission so they can view the admin menu.