Mobile friendly navigation using the Mmenu Module

By adam
Fri, 2015-05-01 06:28
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #206

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As a request from David over at, we checked out the Mmenu module. This little gem allows you to use various javascript libraries to create a mobile friendly navigation. The navigation it produces is similar to the slide in menus you find side a lot of mobile applications.

Setting up this module isn’t the easiest thing in the world of installations. To get the module fully functioning you need to install the Drupal module plus 4 separate javascript libraries. The libraries and the links to those libraries are included below. Also, if you check out the module page you will see the creator added some basic documentation as well. This is worth checking out.

Word of caution, when you install the library make sure to use version 4.7.5 and NOT the latest 5.0 version. Not entirely sure why the new version doesn’t work, but trust me it doesn’t. Use 4.7.5 and you will avoid an unnecessary headache.

Mobile Sliding Menu:
Mmenu Installation Guide:
Jquery.Mmenu (Use Version 4.7.5):
JQuery Update -
Mmenu -