Drupal 7 Superfish: An easy way to get dropdown menus

By adam
Fri, 2015-01-16 06:27
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #191

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Just like your grandparents, the Superfish menu module is an oldy but a goodie. Since 2010, Superfish has been helping site owners implement the infamous dropdown menu. Over the years Superfish has been improved to include various features for touch screens, and responsive needs.

Once you have the Superfish module installed (don't forget the Superfish Library) you are able to assign various existing menus to use the functionality. Superfish by default will created 4 blocks (this is configurable) that you can simply assign to a menu. Once assigned and some minor configuration you are able to drop this block into the flow of the website. Like any block, there are numerous visibility and configuration options to get you to your perfect look. Neat!

NOTE: Make sure to watch the video as I will describe which version of the Superfish library to use! Hint: It isn't the production library.