Drupal 7 PRLP: An easier way to resetting Drupal passwords

By adam
Thu, 2014-12-18 07:19
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #187

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The Password Reset Landing Page or PRLP module is honestly one of the simplest modules you have come across. The sole purpose of the module is to provide the ability for users who request a new password to be able to reset their password on the password reset landing page instead of having to do so on the user edit page.

The main use case for this module is to limit users who request a new password and then once they click on the one time login they forget to set their password. If they forget to do this they would again need to request a new password.

Configuring the PRLP module is easy. With the configuration settings you can set if you want to require them to enter a password on the landing page, the page they will be redirected to after they login and also the fields that appear on the landing page. In this Daily Dose of Drupal I walk through these options and also explain how the process works with and without the module.

Every module has a place and this module definitely falls into the category of "nice to have", but not essential. Go ahead and try this out on your site and let me know what you think.