Drupal 7 Jammer Module

By adam
Fri, 2014-06-27 07:19
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #156

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In this episode of the Daily Dose of Drupal we go over the Jammer module. This simply module allows you to show/hide content type elements from various roles. This elements could include author panes, menu panes, comment panes, revision panes, etc.

Hey everybody and welcome to another Daily Dose of Drupal, I am Adam and we are Episode Number 156. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Jammer Module. The Jammer Module is a nice easy way to hide and show different display items on your node, add form or node edit form.

For example if we hop over here … what I’m referring to are the menu revision URL settings on different node content type. The big use for this of course is when you’re building a website for the user. They can get confused when they see different sections like this and ask you what all these mean, how do I configure them or you … what typical is breeze over and say don’t worry about them. Well this module eliminates that … those two issues and just doesn’t show them to that user. I mean, it can be configurable on different roles to … so it’s a nice way to show content to certain people or show section to certain people but not others.

Before we jump into the module, real quick, a couple of house keeping things, you can follow myself on Adam Learing or you can follow Shane @smthomas3, I appreciate you to those follows. Also if you’ve been part of the Code Karate newsletter you probably see a couple of e-mails about our new kick starter campaign with our other company’s stem views. Really appreciate any help you guys can get and check out our videos there, four days left and still have about $8,000 to go so anything you could do would help, I appreciate that.

Also we have been promising a new e-book, this is coming, it is within the next week and by next week we will have our first ever Code Karate E-book. I’m just staying in touch on those things as well as some other little things we’re working on, go ahead and sign up to the newsletter on codekarate.com, I appreciate that as well. Alright let’s jump into the Jammer Module; so first thing we want to do is we want to get that module enabled so we’re going to hop over here and turn the module on.

I can see there’s 5 different settings here for the Jammer Module. On the ones we’re going to worry about today are the Content Format, Content Form Jammer, Engineering Jammer. Those provide almost all the functionality of the Jammer Module in my opinion. Well as you can see there’s also some stuff that you can fiddle around with to hide and show different things as well.

So once that gets turned on here we’ll head over to the module configuration page and let’s … there under Jammer and then as you can see here there’s a list of all the different things we can display to our users or not to display and then site you to this … text areas there is different, all our guaranteed content types so we can use to hide and show based on.

So also at the bottom here there’s kind of a nice little feature, you can actually do some hiding and showing with previous delete button. So if you don’t want to use a build or delete content you can restrict that by selecting stuff within that field. For the Demo here day we’re going to send you the ... we’ll do the Menu and the Author. One thing too is obviously you can select multiple by holding down the command key on Mac or Ctrl on Windows on a Linux machines. I’ll display multiple content types.

So anyway; as you see here I selected basic page for both removing the Menu options and removing the Author options. So you should be able to in theory rate … well we hope to see is we should be able to see the Author options and the Menu options on basic page content type. So go down here and make sure to stay and then here’s my basic page nowhere to add for that content type and when I reload you’ll see that I still see the menu and author which will lead of course for you to believe it’s not working but what the Jammer module does is it works with user permissions to hide and show different sections.

So when we load the Permissions page and we go to the Jammer section you’ll see that there is override capability to build independent permissions. So we see here it says “override Jammer to allow users to view body options” and you can see administration role is checked and that’s what I’m on right now. So I need to uncheck that and say “don’t override, use what’s in the Module Configuration page. So I want to collect Author Off and Menu Off so it’s the two that I selected over there.

So now what should happen is I should not be able to see the author and Menu options within that content type. So I save and then if I go over here and I refresh again you’ll see that it still remains which is obviously not what we expect to see but there is one cavity out here, I am actually User 1 on my Drupal site and obviously User 1 always sees everything within the site. So it doesn’t … it kind of override all permissions but I didn’t select authenticated not to see that so I do have another authenticated user on this site and if I go ahead and refresh on this page you’ll see that I no longer can see the Menu and author section down here.

Even though I’m still authenticated user I’m just the second user on the site so I am bound by the permissions and the module configuration of Jammer Module. So again; really simple module, not too much going on there but actually kind of a powerful one. We’ve stumbled across this one and found some use on it. Obviously the biggest use case again is for using it with clients that don’t … aren’t familiar with the Drupal interface and all the corks about it so it’s good without limit options which is never a bad thing when dealing with people that are not as experienced with Drupal.

Like I said you can play around with a few other things as well with the Jammer Module. There is a generic Jammer here, you can remove form items so you could remove different fields on a web form, I just got to grab the form ID and element ID which are provided on that form and also you could play around with other different feed and messages and all that stuff as well.

Alright so thanks for watching, again make sure to check out codekarate.com for all of our other post and stuff like that, what’s going on and make sure … we really appreciate if you check out our kids that are in campaign, four days left to go, really we like the big push to get that out there. I appreciate all the help you can do, thanks a lot guys and we will talk to you next time, bye.