Drupal 7 Commerce Coupon

By adam
Fri, 2014-05-09 07:06
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #148

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In this Daily Dose of Drupal video we feature the Drupal 7 Commerce Coupon, Commerce Coupon Fixed Amount, and Commerce Coupon Percent Amount modules.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to create both fixed and percentage based commerce coupons
  • How to customize coupon types
  • How to be better looking. Okay, maybe not.

Hello everybody and welcome to Episode Number 148 at codekarate.com. I’m Adam and you can follow me on Twitter at Adam Learing, you can also follow Shane at smthomas 3 so you make sure you let them do that, we appreciate the follow. In addition to that make sure you head over to codekarate.com.

On Code Karate you can sign up for the newsletter there on the left side bar, kind of say in random …typically once a month e-mails to you and don’t worry about getting a ton of it from us, we won’t send you a ton, just stay informed and also coming up we’re going to be releasing our first ever E-Book, the Code Karate E-Book, 5 Secrets to become a Drupal 7 Ninja.

So go ahead and sign up for that and more information to come but I appreciate any follows or sign ups you can give. And now back to the business; today we are going to be covering the Drupal Commerce Module and then chew other sub-modules underneath that, being the Commerce Percentage Module or Coupon Percentage Module, excuse me. The Commerce Coupon Fixed Module.

You can check those all of our course at drupal.org, pretty standard modules, nothing too complex about them but a nice little add-on to any Drupal Commerce site that you may be running. So to get started again you need to download a Commerce Coupon Module, The Commerce Coupon Fixed Amount Module and The Commerce Coupon Percentage Module, all can be found again on drupal.org.

So once you get the modules downloaded go ahead and enable them, here’s my site so you can see I have Commerce Coupon Fixed Amount, Percentage Amount and then the UI which comes with Commerce Coupon Module all enabled. I want to make one note here too; there’s an additional module on the Commerce Date Module, that allows you to have your Coupons run for certain amount of time. We will also need a Date Pop-Up Module and the Date Module with that as add-ons but it’s kind of a nice add-on.
We’re not going to cover in this video but if you do want to limit the time your Coupon is available without having to go in and manually shut it off it’s a nice module to have. Alright; so to get started, the first thing you need to do is to create Coupon. So to do that you can go under Store Coupons and then there’s two different coupon types that come pre-package with the Fixed Amount and the Percentage Coupon Module.
Obviously they’re self-explanatory; you can have a certain amount, a dollar off or $5 off or percentage, 10% off, 5% off or whatever it be. For this video I’m going to show you both. So the first one we’re going to use this two coupon types, we’re not going to make a new one but you can.

So anyway; we’re going to create a fixed coupon first, so you just simply go again … we have a Store Coupons, create coupon and I’m going to create a Fixed Coupon given that amount off, so $2, Code … that’s obviously what you’d send out to your customers and they’ll type in. So let’s do … I don’t know, what’s your Drupal? That’s will work. Match Number or Uses, obviously you can set that limit … I typically liked to set that as a higher amount, it doesn’t really matter. We’ll set it to 10 for now and then whether it’s an Active Coupon or not.

So it seems pretty simple but that’s about all there is to it. You go ahead and set that Coupon up and the next step too is obviously you need a product, I’m hopped over here, I have a product here 5 Secrets to Becoming a Drupal 7 Ninja. Again; just a little plug, this is the E-Book that we’re coming out so check that out and there will be a coupon attached to it so make sure that you follow on Twitter and you can also follow us on Facebook at /codekarate but we’ll post the coupon code once the book is ready to go.

So save some money there. But anyway once you get to a product page you can just add it to the Cart and then get to the Check Out page … I wonder they have three in there which is impressive but we’ll just go with it. So I’m going to check out by three of these books. You can see here below I already have a Coupon Code applied, I’m going to remove that so I can show you the one I just created the new one and then I’m going to add the Drupal Coupon Code and that should give us that fixed amount off and then you see we’ve been granted $2 off on our amount and if we continue through this checkout process … I think all our fields are filled in.

You’ll see right there that now it subtracts amounts so I only have $13. Did you see there’s Fixed Coupon here that’s kind of annoying obviously since it … you might want that to say Savings or something different. You can’t or you can change that by go ahead in Coupons in creating your own coupon type and then giving up to whatever name you want it to be so I’ll try to fix that problem.

Alright so that’s how you deal with the Fixed Coupon Amount, pretty simple. The Percentage Amount of Coupon is about exactly the same as that. So again you just go to the Store Coupons, create a coupon and we’re in Credit Percentage Coupon, we’ll create our 50% Off Coupons so Coupon Code will say 50 … just say 50 … the next time we’re going to use this again so the same thing as before and then the percentage amount, 50% so we say 50 and then you’ll see here here’s all our coupons and you’ll say 51 and then we will do the same thing with here before and hopefully we get 15% Off of our purchase which are pretty comfortable we will. Just go back here and move the Fixed Amount one, so [inaudible -0:06:45.8] $15, you see about $7.50 Off of here, say 50 add Coupon and there you go, $7.50 Off and again if I continue to check out, get to Review Stage you’ll my total is now $7.50 so same thing again with the name.

You can make your own … and call it whatever you like. Alright guys, well like I said; that’s pretty simple Coupon Module on Drupal Commerce, it’s a nice have though to be able to save your customer’s a little bit of cash as well as be able to promote your product around and get a little bit more attraction with it.

Alright so again; thanks for listening to Episode Number 148, go ahead and follow us on Twitter at Adam Learing and at smthomas3 and also sign up for a newsletter and keep your head up for our 5 Secrets to Becoming a Drupal Ninja E-Book. Alright guys thanks a lot, talk to you later.