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Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #162

In this episode, you will learn how to set up the foundation of building a view that can display content in multiple ways. This video highlights how to set up the content type and view to display the content. In the coming videos in this series, you will learn how to style and apply jQuery to change how the view displays the content.

Need help learning views? Look at our Drupal views intro.

By shane
Wed, 2014-08-06 20:48
There are times when you want to programmatically embed a node display in a block or panel pane. You can do this by creating a block. You might try to use the node_view function to display the node. Doing so in a module might look something like this:
 * Implements hook_block_info().
By shane
Fri, 2014-08-01 06:40
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #161

The Drupal 7 Entity View Modes Module allows you to define custom view modes for your entities. A view mode allows you to configure which fields on your entity you want to display. For example, Drupal by default has a Teaser view mode that you can set up to display different fields from your Full Content view mode. This module will allow you to add your own view modes on top of the ones Drupal gives you by default.

In this lesson you will learn:

By shane
Wed, 2014-07-30 07:57
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #160

The Drupal 7 Panelizer Module allows you to panelize (or use panels) for any entity type on your Drupal 7 site. This allows you to change the layout of a node page, user page, or any other type of entity that you can think of. Although it's a little more complicated to set up, the Panelizer module allows you to set up a slimmed down panels interface for other site managers to use. This way you can allow a site manager to change the layout of specific node pages or even choose from a list of predefined node layouts that you set up.

By shane
Fri, 2014-07-25 07:10
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #159

The Fieldable Panels Panes module allows you to create re-usable and fieldable entities that can easily be dropped into Panels pages. This can be useful if the traditional Add Content panes inside Panels is too limiting for you. This also allows using fields (which are translatable) for your Panels content.

In this episode you will learn:

By adam
Wed, 2014-07-23 06:36
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #158

In this episode we cover the Splashify module. This module is used to display splash pages or popups. There are multiple configuration options available to fit your site needs.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to set up Splashify
  • How to configure Splashify
  • How to get Splashify to use the Mobile Detect plugin
  • How Splashify displays to the end user
  • How to be awesome
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #157

The Mobile Friendly Navigation Toolbar is a replacement for the standard administration toolbar that comes with Drupal 7. This administrative toolbar is responsive making it much easier to administer your Drupal website from a tablet or mobile device. There is nothing particularly difficult about the module, however the installation process is a little more complex than most modules. This video walks you through the setup process and shows how to download the necessary libraries to get this module working.

By adam
Fri, 2014-06-27 07:19
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #156

In this episode of the Daily Dose of Drupal we go over the Jammer module. This simply module allows you to show/hide content type elements from various roles. This elements could include author panes, menu panes, comment panes, revision panes, etc.

By shane
Wed, 2014-06-25 07:29

I recently ran across a problem of needing multiple Drupal Commerce add to cart buttons on a single page. Instead of trying to add a second add to cart form, I decided it would be easiest to create a custom link that could then be used to add products to the cart. This is useful if you need to create multiple add to cart links on the same page, or if you just need to create custom add to cart links to place in other areas of your Drupal Commerce website.

By shane
Fri, 2014-06-13 06:25
Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #155

The Drupal 7 Calendar Module makes it easy to build event calendars in Drupal. It makes use of the Views module to make it all happen.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to build a content type with a date field to use in your Calendar
  • How to build a basic Drupal 7 Calendar to display events
  • How to use Views to change the settings of your Calendar
  • How to create a calendar legend using a taxonomy term