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By shane
Fri, 2015-06-19 08:35

Drush... what a wonderful web you weave. My guess is you have probably heard about this mysterious thing known as "Drush" and are looking to find out:

  1. What exactly is Drush?
  2. Is Drush something that will be useful for me?

The first one is an easy one. Drush is short for Drupal Shell and is a command line tool that makes interacting with your Drupal website a breeze.

By shane
Mon, 2015-02-02 11:01

Code Karate has recently posted numerous times on the importance of hosting and finding a reliable hosting service for your Drupal website. In this post I will introduce Site5 Hosting and demonstrate how it can be used to set up a Drupal website. If you are looking for a Drupal host, Site5 provides great service and support. If you are not sure yet, the instructions below are still useful for many hosting provides as it goes over the basics of CPanel (used by many shared hosting providers).

Over the summer I was able to attend three different Drupal Camps (Drupal Corn Camp, Twin Cities Drupal Camp, and Drupal Camp Atlanta). While talking to other attendees or during my sessions, I made it a point to ask about hosting providers and what other Drupal developers, designers, and site builders were using.

I recently was helping a new Drupal developer with some issues after they attempted a Drupal update that really messed up their Drupal website. They were getting a bunch of Fatal errors that were causing the site to be completely broken. This user was on a Windows system running a Drupal 7 development site on their localhost. Here are the steps I tried and how I fixed the problem.

Download a new Drupal 7 core

Have you ever ran into a problem where you needed to upload relatively large files and still want to be able to manage these from the Drupal 7 administrative interface? If so, you may run into a situation like the one below:

You will notice the 12 MB text stating that we can only upload files that are 12 MB and under. In this case I needed this number to be a little bigger.

By shane
Wed, 2012-08-29 02:40

I have recently been wondering how a "perfect" development and deployment environment might look like for me if I had time to put the necessary pieces together. I am planning on working on this eventually, but I thought it might be wise to get my ideas out there to see if others had opinions or advice.

Nov 14, 2014 - Update: In my ebook called the 5 Secrets to Becoming a Drupal 7 Ninja, I discuss the concept of crafting your Drupal Development process in much more detail. Check that out if you like the ideas below. A lot of my ideas have changed since this original post over 2 years ago, but it's still a good reference article.

By shane
Sat, 2012-07-28 22:56

I use an Ubuntu system when developing Drupal websites. When setting up a development environment in Ubuntu you may need to configure your local development environment to send emails. Here is how I configured my system in less than 2 minutes.

First thing I did was install SSMTP. This is incredibly easy in Ubuntu, just run the following from the terminal.

sudo apt-get install ssmtp

By shane
Fri, 2012-04-13 11:24

There may come a time where you need to force a user to see your site under HTTPS. If you only have one site on the server, you can easily add something like this to your apache config file:

Redirect permanent /

By shane
Wed, 2011-05-25 23:26

As I write this, one of the websites I frequent for information is currently down. It is not uncommon for a website (or the server the website is on) to have a problem. I am not sure if the site is going through planned maintenance or if this is unexpected downtime, however it reminded me of a few things.