By shane
2012-10-31 16:47

On a recent Drupal 6 multi-currency Ubercart website I came across the following requirements.

  • I needed to save a users preferences to determine whether to display prices with VAT or not
  • I needed the user to be able to manage these preferences from within their account settings
  • When the user purchased something, either for the first time, or multiple times, I needed their preferences to be updated
By shane
2012-10-12 02:07

Note: Turns out there is a much easier way to do this as there is an Ubercart function that does essentially the same thing (thanks to the comment below that pointed this out). Just use:


I left the original post below (although it is no longer really needed).

By shane
2012-09-26 17:12

If you need to make price increases when specific attributes or options are selected on products, hook_cart_item() may be able to help you out.

My Drupal 6 Ubercart Dilemma

In a recent situation I needed to create an attribute that contained a price. The trick here is that the price increase needed to be added based on the value selected in another corresponding attribute.

By shane
2012-05-11 18:37

So you need to theme, customize, or change the Add to cart form that is output by Ubercart? If so, read on for more information. If you are looking to change the general theme or style of the Ubercart product node page, then you might want to look at my post on theming Ubercart Product Page for Drupal 6.

By shane
2012-01-03 15:21

Ever needed to override the Ubercart checkout page? Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it.

The first option is to use a form_alter() function from within a module, however in this tutorial we are going to discuss two theming options that can be used together if necessary.

The first is to change the actual contents of the checkout page. We need to override the THEME_uc_cart_checkout_form function. This can be pulled from the uc_cart.pages.inc and modified as needed from within the template.php function of your theme (replace THEME with the name of your theme).

By shane
2011-08-24 09:55

When using the traditional Ubercart catalog module, I have run into the problem of needing to classify and display products in multiple catalogs. You would think I could just create a block of the taxonomy terms, however that will create links to the taxonomy term pages and the display for that is vastly different than the catalog display.

Here is my quick solution. I basically create another catalog block. This will open up the products in my secondary taxonomy vocabulary (that I am using as an additional catalog), using the traditional Ubercart catalog layout/design.

By shane
2011-07-27 08:50

There are many ways to build a catalog of products in Ubercart. The simplest way is by using the uc_catalog module that comes with Ubercart. Other ways include building the catalog page with views, theming the taxonomy term pages, or for larger sites, using Apache Solr. In this post I am going to discuss the basics of theming the catalog pages that come with the uc_catalog module.

By shane
2011-07-12 15:39

One thing that I struggled with initially was determining how to best theme the product page for Ubercart. Below is an example of what I use as a starting point when I begin theming an Ubercart product page. I usually take this and then add/remove the variables I need while adding the necessary HTML markup. Much of what I have comes from a post I found on the Ubercart website, but I have modified it to better fit my theme requirements. You can take this code and add it to your theme in a "node-product.tpl.php" file.

By shane
2011-05-03 14:06

I recently was tasked with creating a Drupal 6 Ubercart Payment Gateway module. I started the task off looking over various contributed payment gateway modules for Ubercart as well as looking at the authorize.net payment gateway module that comes with the Ubercart module. What I found was that there are many techniques that developers use when building a payment gateway module. I am going to outline the ones that worked best for me.

By shane
2011-04-03 00:24

I planned on just giving a high level overview of how I typically go about setting up a subscription based Drupal 6 website. I planned on just creating a primer for someone to look over, but I decided to give myself a challenge and see if I can create the entire site in 15 minutes.

Another thing to note is that I will start from nothing and build a simple subscription site in Drupal in 15 minutes with just the default Garland theme. I will also be writing this blog post at the same time with all the commands or actions I perform on the site. I am not sure if I will get it finished in 15 minutes, but I guess we will see.

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