Book Review: Drupal Search Engine Optimization

By shane
Sun, 2012-12-23 16:59

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If you are building a Drupal website, you almost certainly want people to find your Drupal site. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. The Drupal Search Engine Optimization book from Packt Publishing aims to help Drupal website developers craft and implement a Search Engine Optimization strategy while looking at specific Drupal 7 modules that can help throughout the process.

The relatively short book contains just five chapters covering the following topics.

  1. An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  2. Configuring Drupal's SEO Options
  3. Useful Extensions to Enhance SEO
  4. Getting Ready for Launch
  5. Managing SEO on a Live Site

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

The first chapter explores common SEO terminology and goes over how search engines access a website. This chapter is meant for the SEO beginner as it walks through common terms such as 301 redirects, Keywords, Pagerank, nofollow, and much more. The chapter also covers a few more advanced topics such as Internal Link Density, Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI), Keyphrase density and a few others. This chapter is a must read for those who are just getting started to SEO as it provides solid baseline knowledge of SEO terms.

Configuring Drupal's SEO Options

The second chapter goes over the options that Drupal provides out of the box for making a Drupal website more search engine friendly. This chapter covers setting up the site name, slogan, error pages, and configuring search engine friendly URLs. These are all things that experienced Drupal developers do out of habit, however if you are new to Drupal, these topics are very important to getting started with optimizing your Drupal website for SEO purposes.

Userful Extensions to Enhance SEO

The third chapter takes a look at contributed Drupal modules that can be used when implementing an SEO strategy. Unfortunately some of these modules are just mentioned in passing and do not contain any actionable steps for how they can be implemented and effectively used. Towards the end of the chapter the book does go through some of the more common action steps that should be taken on a Drupal website in pretty good detail. This chapter is again great for those just getting started with Drupal SEO.

These are the contributed Drupal modules that are discussed in the third chapter (with links to Daily Dose of Drupal videos when available).

Getting Ready to Launch

The fourth chapter goes over SEO techniques and steps that should be taken prior to launching your Drupal website. This chapter covers identifying keyword phrases and analyzing keyword effectiveness. Metadata is also a concept that is covered in this chapter of Drupal Search Engine Optimization. The chapter ends by going over useful third-party services. I personally found this chapter the most interesting as it is always useful to see how others develop and implement their keyword strategies.

Managing SEO on a Live Site

The fifth and final chapter of the Drupal Search Engine Optimization book by Packt publishing covers managing SEO on a live site. This chapter covers link building techniques, social media optimization and reporting/tracking of your SEO campaign. This is another chapter that may not be fully appreciated by advanced SEO practitioners, however the chapter does provide a solid knowledge base for those just learning SEO.

Conclusion: Drupal Search Engine Opimzation book

The Drupal Search Engine Optimization book really focuses on a high level overview of what Search Engine Optimization is, and how it can be used to generate more traffic. If you are already well versed in SEO terminology and concepts, this book may not be for you. However, if you are relatively new to the SEO field and are looking to get a good grasp and some actionable methods for getting started with SEO, this book will be a good fit. I personally follow many of the techniques discussed in this book when developing SEO strategies for Drupal websites I build and think this book will provide a good resource for those just looking to get started with Search Engine Optimization in Drupal.