Advertisement Opportunities

How would you like to have your message displayed to over 25 thousand unique visitors each month? Keep reading if you're still interested.

Code Karate is now offering two methods to help you get your company and message out.

Method 1: You get to have an advertisement placed right here (hint: look below)

Depending on your budget and desire your add will stay fixated in the header for up to a month. We aren't allowing anything longer than that. We have to keep things fresh around here. Also, Code Karate does reserve the right to accept or not accept any advertisement. Sorry "enlargement" company, you're out. To get the fine details on price and openings just send us an email at

Method 2: If you have been living under a rock and haven't already joined the Code Karate newsletter you should first do that. After you joined the 4K plus Drupal supporters, you might want to consider advertising on the list.

For $300, you get to design an ad to however you see fit (within reason, the same "enlargement" companies are still banned over here). This advertisement gets to be included on our monthly newsletter. Don't worry about engagement either, we have an awesome group of supporters who actively open well into the mid 20%. Yep, they rock.

If you're thinking, "Hey, this could work for me", you can contact us at and we'll work with you on the details. We have limited availability for newsletter advertisements. This isn't one of those things you should procrastinate on.